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The Productions department of LMA is the soul of the society. Despite being known commonly as a business school, LUMS’s students have more creativity in store than what is seen by the eye.LMA’s Productions department serves as a platform to promote and nurture film making in LUMS. Students undertake a variety of projects according to their interest and engage in a learning experience that results in cinematic art.


Written and directed by Usama Lali, Basta is a thirty minute short film about three mysterious people who meet in a cafe. Starring Usama Lali, Mujtaba Shah Bukhari and Aqeel Ahmed, the film mostly consists of intense dialogues between the characters and multiple motifs with deeper meaning. Each character wears a distinctly colored shalwar kameez (traditional South Asian Outfit) and carries a basta (bag). The characters represent the idea of time, such as guzra huwa kal (memories of the past) and anay wala kal (what the future holds) and the exchange between them is thought provoking for the audience.


This was the flagship film by LMA. Borrowing its title from a famous Sufi Tabassum nursery rhyme, the film shows how innocence is the playground for malice. PaanchChoohay is the story of a single, solitary night in a strange neighborhood. Five friends, having a reunion of sorts, find themselves in the clenches of a city that shows mercy to no one. Bizarre twists of fate, unthinkable coincidences and bouts upon bouts of bad luck meet them as they try to navigate through the eerily animated night life of the city.

Baki Sab Tamasha

A documentary in collaboration with Dramaline, the dramatics society at LUMS, Baki Sab Tamasha (Everything else is Superfluous) is a very creative portrayal of what it actually means to be backstage. The basis of the documentary was KhamoshAdaalat (Silent Court), a play performed at LUMS Dramafest this year.


LMA’s very own Youtube series starring Farwah Abbas, Ibrar Ramzan, Iraj Amir and Shehryar Khan. This series is the story of 4 students sharing their university experience with the world. Directed by Haris Mehmood and Arooj Masood, the first episode gained 11k views on Youtube and continues to get more.


A poetic piece, visualized in shape of a music video. Abdeeda is a piece of art that gives a true representation of the aesthetic that you can expect from the film makers at LMA.

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