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FiLUMS – the flagship event of LMA. FiLUMS takes film submissions from institutions and media houses across Pakistan and abroad allowing film produces, writers, directors and animators to showcase their talents. FiLUMS has grown to become one of the largest film festivals in South Asia and the largest student film festival in Pakistan. Multiple media outlets have rated FiLUMS’18 as one of the Top 15 events in Pakistan in 2018. LMA intends to build on this success and make the next FiLUMS the biggest one yet.

The Movie Trivia, is one of the most popular intra-LUMS events. The knowledge students have gained while binge watching their favorite shows on Netlix or going to the cinema with their friends for the movie they just had to see on release day is tested in this 3 day event. They go through a myriad of exciting rounds such as Rapid Fire, Dumb Charades, Pictionary, Audio and Visual Rounds in order to win coveted prizes from our sponsors.

Karaoke Night – Want a chance to sing along that catchy song with your friends? Or maybe you want to finally overcome stage fright and perform in front of an accepting and friendly crowd? Well then this event is for you. Karaoke Night always ends up being a wholesome and fun bonding experience where the student body comes together for their love of musical performances.

Premiere Night – Roll out the red carpet and inform the paparazzi. All the hard work and dedication of the production department finally bears fruit on this eventful night. LMA productions made throughout the year are displayed during this event which is like LUMS’ very own version of Cannes.

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LUMS International Film Festival, hosted annually by the LUMS Media Arts Society. One of the largest film festivals in Pakistan.