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About Us

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“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth”

-Malcolm X

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LMA, one of the largest and the most diverse society at LUMS serves as an inspiration for all those who recognize the importance of media as an ever-growing and unyielding form of self-expression. It is the hub of the film makers, the movie buffs, the photographers and even the artists.

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Vision of LMA

LMA has promoted and harnessed creativity since its creation. Our vision is to continue being the pioneer for student films and other art mediums in Pakistan and providing a platform for various institutions to display their filmmaking talents. We intend to spread and promote the love of filmmaking in Pakistan. We intend to utilize high quality video equipment, technologies and talent available. We are committed to producing thought provoking and quality content.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community which helps budding artists, who seek to express themselves and break away the barriers to creating something meaningful and unique, showcase their talent in digital media and give them a place in people’s hearts which they truly deserve.



LMA aims to serve as a platform which promotes student participation in a variety of physical, intellectual, athletic and artistic activities that directly contribute to the development of student leadership. Through our events we aim to transcend the student body at LUMS and influence every individual in the media arts realm across the globe and invite them to influence us.


Core Values

More than anything, LMA is a family of people and ideas. Respect and dignity are imperative for LMA to serve as a platform for a cohesive effort to bring in ideas, events and film projects around the theme of Film Making and other Art Mediums and hence is a resource for experience, and even more importantly, personal growth.



LUMS Media Arts Society was founded by Bilal Lashari (Renowned Director of Waar and The Legend of Maula Jutt) and Zain Khwaja in 2005 in order to provide film makers with a platform to showcase their talents in various events. LUMS Media Arts society has grown to become one of the largest societies in LUMS with over 200 general body members and multiple successful events.

LMA has given new life to student films in Pakistan through events such as FILUMS and Premiere Night.

LMA has successfully acted as an outlet for student films by displaying films from other institutions as well as releasing its own productions. Productions are the heart and soul of LMA and their quality has immensely improved over the years. In the past years, LMA’s productions have been incorporated by different artists and have won accolades and mentions through various screenings, prestigious mentions and awards.

Similarly FILUMS has become a household name in the realm of leading Film Festivals in the region as well as the biggest student run film festival, championing in many of the firsts of the film world.



Event Timeline

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Message from the President

As a part of the Society, I have always advised my team to not only give what you have to offer to the Society; but also ask yourself, what the Society has to offer to you. This two way self-questioning is something I stuck by, throughout my time at LMA. A healthy space or environment is a two way stream where an individual learns from the environment, the same way the environment gains from the individual.

From being a harbinger of change in how cinema is perceived to actually creating artists, films and filmmakers for change, LMA’s brand name has been synonymous to innovation with excellence in all things, media arts. Today LMA stands strong and proud to give a multitude of experiences to those associated, by not just championing its cause and mission but also by curating a dedicated and consistently successful team. I have been humbled to be a part of this journey in my four years’ time at LUMS, and on behalf of LMA I can say that the initial self-questioning has gotten a satisfactory answer.

Mujtaba Shah Bukhari
President, LMA

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